Our Boundary Tree Planting project began in January 2012 with an intention to replenish native broadleaf hardwood boundary trees around some of the field boundaries within the Conservations Area of Brightholmlee; a small rural hamlet on the outskirts of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

The Hamlet of BrightholmleeThe Hamlet of Brightholmlee from Saddleback

In early 2013 we began  planting on privately owned agricultural land and as a result of this project have or will have enabled the planting of over 1094 trees. 44 of these trees have been dedicated by members of the public.

These touching and inspiring dedications together with surveys, photographs, field name maps, contemporary and historical records of the hamlet, Probate Inventories and Wills dating from the 17th Century, drawings of the houses and contributions from local children from Wharncliffe Side Junior School are to be made into a special archival quality Record Book. It is hoped that this Record Book will be kept in the Bradfield Parish Council Archives for 200 years. We will never know who planted our existing trees but we can make a record of who we are now for the next 200 years.

Tree 11 dedicated to Tim Shortland for his dedication to the EnvironmentTree 11 dedicated to Tim Shortland for his dedication to the Environment

This special and unusual project has brought together our tiny community and the planting of new trees into our rural landscape will bring many benefits to local agriculture, the environment and wildlife. As many of our existing trees are probably between 150 – 200 years old we want to ensure that trees will continue to form an important part of our landscape and heritage.

Sessile Oak on Swinnock LaneSessile Oak on Swinnock Lane with newly planted Trees numbered 9, 10, 16 and 17

According to the Woodland Trust’s Position statement isolated hedgerow trees across Britain have fallen in numbers from over 56 million in 1951 to 5 million in 1998. We hope this website will help and inspire other rural communities to do the same.

Thank you to all the Landowners who kindly allowed us to plant along their field boundaries namely Tom Shaw, The Morgan Brothers, The Jenners, Dhira Anthea Helliwell, Denis Kay and The Wallhead’s. Also to our Advisors, Tim Shortland, Community Forestry Officer with Sheffield City Council and Chris Prescott, our Community Advisor. Much gratitude for the generosity of our Funders, Bradfield Parish Council and The Big Tree Plant. A huge Thank You to all our volunteers and supporters who so generously gave their time and enthusiasm to the project and to all the people who opened their hearts and dedicated a tree. Finally a very special Thank you to Cheryl Wallhead, who took on the grant applications and Per Erlandsson who patiently created this website and both supported Dhira in turning this project into a reality.

Bradfield Parish Council

The Big Tree Plant

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