How to Dedicate a Tree

Dedicate a Tree

If you would like to dedicate a new Boundary Tree then please get in touch via our Contacts Page, we’d love to hear from you! The cost of installing a Boundary Tree on agricultural land is around £130 but we are charging members of the public £75 and making up the balance by applying for funding.

What you will receive in return for your dedication is a 2 year old whip size tree of a broadleaved native hardwood tree species and a specially constructed cage to protect it from horses and cattle for the next 10 years. It will be planted by volunteers from the Steel Valley Project, children from Wharncliffe Side Junior School or simply by ourselves; the details will come later. You may also be present on planting day if you wish. A 5 year maintenance package will be set up along with a watering plan for the first 2 years of your tree’s life. In the unlikely event of a tree failing during the first 5 years it will be replaced. You will also receive a Certificate, photograph and map and be part of a very unique project.

Fruit Tree Dedications for the Orchard are much the same as the Boundary Tree dedications in that they cost £75 each and will be planted during the 2014/15 winter season. As well as a photograph, certificate, map and inclusion in the Record Book, all Fruit Tree dedicators will be able to visit the Orchard and share in the gathering of any potential fruit crops.

One thing we have had to make clear to everyone dedicating a tree is that we are planting on privately owned agricultural land so you will need to obtain permission from the landowner to gain direct access to your tree. This can easily be arranged through Dhira and so far, all the landowners have been sympathetic to any requests. All of the new proposed trees for Phase Two will easily be seen from either Brightholmlee,Thorn House or Townfield Lane.

As you may know Dhira is making a very special archival Book to record the dedications (plus a great deal more) to be archived with Bradfield Parish Council for 200 years. So everyone dedicating a tree is asked to write something and if possible provide photographs for the Book of any loved ones included in the dedication and also to have your own photograph taken with your new tree. Some people have dedicated their trees to loved ones who are passed but many have also chosen to celebrate the lives of people around them, or things they love. To give you a brief idea, we’ve had dedications made to ancestors, grand children, snow drops, Christmas, Spiritual Teachers and Inspirational people. They include family trees, accounts of the 2nd WW, life stories, tree nests and magical birds and all have a consistent underlying theme of Love. We’ll send you more details of how to make your dedication upon receipt of the dedication fee!

So thank you for your interest in being part of this extraordinary tree planting project, for being willing to help our environment and opening your heart to making a dedication.

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